*happy easter*

{yesterday we found out that Oliver had his Visa Interview. when i called our DC Visa department, i was fully expecting to hear "no news"....but then the (not so sweet) lady said he had his appointment today at 1:00 in Korea. i was so happy and kind of shocked to hear her say this so then i asked..."do you see his picture?" she said "yep...i do.". i think i got giddy then and was like "ooookay!...soooo..that means you have the P3 packet back right?" i think she started to get annoyed by me and said "yes, that's how i can see his picture and know that he had his appointment yesterday". ha! i was like "great! that means you have everything YOU need and we should be getting our Travel Call very soon!"
soooo we could hear as early as next week on when Oliver will be coming home!! our agency is closed today...so no news today but that gives us even more to be joyous about this weekend!}

{i hope you all have a very Happy Easter!!!}
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