*belly laughs*

o showing me his belly button...he always puts in finger in his button. ha!
{yesterday, O had a great day. he woke up happy and when he's happy...he gets a little sing song-e which is funny to hear. he even let out a couple high pitch giggles. it was so nice to see him happy after a long whiny weekend. he took a very long nap (3+ hours) and when he woke up..he was just as happy. some days he will be happy camper in the morning and then crabby pants in the afternoon. my little guy was super happy and that makes his mommy super happy too. ;) we hung out on the sofa while waiting for appa to come home. during that time we snuggled under the blanket for a while, played with appa's old "boo" bear, had some pretzels and watched a little hgtv. o was all smiles and at one point i turned and looked at him to find him hugging "boo" bear. i said to him "aww..are you giving boo a hug?" and he nodded his head then moved over to me and gave me a long hug. these are the moments that stick with me....because that is the first time he came to me and gave me a hug on his own. they might be every day occurrences to other parents but these are memories and milestones to me. we are making progress...they may be baby steps but it's so rewarding to see progress.}
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