*indiana part 1*

{our ride to Indiana was so much better then we expected. we were not sure how Oliver would react to being in the car for 11-12 hours...but he did amazing! we left our house around 6:30 a.m. since O usually gets up around that time. he was such a trooper the first 9 hours that we didn't even have to break out the dvd player until that 9th hour! we were so proud of him! we arrived at B's parents house with a happy but worn out little boy. the first night at G&G C's house was not as bad either. since Oliver only slept 25 minutes through out the whole 12 hour car ride...he woke up a couple times during the night. after that first night...he slept like a champ from 7:30 p.m. until 6:15ish a.m. every day. again, he did such an amazing job. i was totally prepared for sleepless nights but i guess all the activity through out the day helped him sleep really really well not to mention the black out blinds in his room! this made for such a relaxing visit for sure! so i have so many more photos to share but i feel like i need to break our trip up into different parts. otherwise this would be one heck of a post!}
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