*friday foto*

{so i had every intention of posting each day this week but our internet provider thought differently. they felt we needed to have a "break" from it for two days. oh well...here we are...another friday. is it me or do the weeks just fly by? maye it's because i've been working on multiple things this week...one of them being O's big birthday bash...when i say big...i mean we are going big. sorry, can't share too much with you...don't want to ruin the surprise...but i'm getting so excited for it! i also started our finalization process. wahoo!! we had our second post placement visit before we went home to Indiana and this week i talked with a lawyer...the ball is starting to roll peeps! hopefully in the next 30-60 days we will have a court date! i'm so happy to be starting this process! well this weekend is about spending time with b and o and of course..more party planning! hope you all have a great weekend!}

{side note: above is me and my sweet girl from this week. she is amazing. i love my girl to the moon and back. Arden was always the one we had to "watch" when there were little ones around. should i say..she wasn't exactly her sweet self and to be honest i was really nervous about how she would be around O. after Noah passed away (still breaks my heart thinking about him), it's like she knew she had to adjust to having a little one around. she's become my pal during the day and keeps the kitchen floor as clean as a whistle but she has really opened up to Oliver. she shows him her sweet self all day long..she loves to give him kisses through out the day...even if he doesn't want them. ha! love her!} 
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