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side note: blogger has yet to fix the upload feature in internet explorer so i had to down load Chrome in order to do some blogging. for those of you who are having the same problem..it's actually pretty easy to install and  use....or maybe i'm the only one who still uses internet explorer? ugh.

okay..enough of that..let's get to the topic of this post...

 as i mentioned before, my sisters and i do a sister swap for Christmas. 
we've been doing this for years...and years...and years.
we set a fixed amount and a theme and then we give each other ideas on what they can buy.

this year we decided to do accessories.

i have to admit, i went a little over board with the options i gave to my sisters...
what can i say accessories are like candy...the more the merrier i am.
no really..i just love to have options and i feel like the perfect accessory can really finish off an outfit.

so this year...
i received these earrings from my older sister.
i. love. them!
i featured these a while back...and i'm so happy they are now in my jewelry collection.

i also got this necklace from my younger sister that i've worn almost every day since i opened it..
 it's from my wish list that i posted last month. i love how dainty it is.
this necklace really is a perfect everyday accessory.
i love how it is on a shorter chain and that it fits in the dip
(is there a specific word for this part of the neck?) of my neck.
Edor, who created this beautiful necklace also features it in black and seafoam
which could be just as stunning.

so what did i get my sisters?
well my older sister asked for this cowl scarf and my younger sister
asked for this cute chevron clutch.

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