i'm back...

from a totally unexpected break...
i so did not see that coming.
so sorry y'all!

as i told you..well over a week ago..my younger sister was coming to visit.
well she came and what a visit that was! 
i have a lot pictures to share and stories to tell 
but that's going to have to wait for another post..maybe later this week. 

let's talk about last week...
man..was. that. crazy. 
y'all probably figured that out based on the lack of activity here...

 early Monday morning, my sister flew home by the skin of her chinny chin chin!
poor girl got a stomach bug early Monday morning..i mean in the weeee hours...it was not pretty.
b and i were at cvs at 4:40 a.m. buying her meds and praying she'd make her flight. 
luckily they helped enough to get her on that 8 a.m. plane...phew!

after sending my sister on her sickly way...
i had a very important doctor's appointment at 9 a.m. 
one that i had waited a month and a half for. 
i was soooo tired and the appointment lasted over two hours! gah!
 i ended up having to do more testing and of course..had to give more blood. boo!
the good thing is we did rule out some more immune diseases and ended up going in a direction that i had only thought about the night before my appointment. crazy right? 
so here is a really quick update on that..
it is more then likely not a type of arthritis after all...it now might be a thyroid problem. 
the specialist felt my thyroid after i questioned him about it and said that it did appear to be swollen on one side. so there is more testing to be done this week to determine if that IS what is going on with me. 
we will see! 

the next day, Tuesday, my little guy had his own doctor's appointment. 
this was for his 30 month check up. 
he did "fantastic" in the doctor's own words. 
she said he is right on target and doing well...fantastic. 

on Wednesday, i ran around like a crazy lady trying to find something to hang above our bed. i ended up buying this only to not like it but kept it for the future house.
i wound up getting a wreath from the attic and using that instead.  
i also cleaned the whole house in preparation for Thursday. 

why Thursday? 
well our house was photographed!
our realtor was getting new pictures so that she could get our listing ready for this week!!
 it's happening people...our house is going on the market...again!!
oh and i celebrated my 26th...wait did i just say 26th...yeah..silly me..
i meant my 36th birthday. no biggie. ;)

on Friday...i took care of some preparations for a sweet baby shower that i am co-hosting in a couple weeks, finalized some plans with some friends i can't wait to see this week, made some appointments to see a couple houses this weekend with b....AND put together elevations for a meeting that i had this weekend with my Willow Lane clients (that project is coming along!). 

so now do you understand why i've been gone? ha! 

this week feels like it's going to be a little less hectic...i hope...we will see!

the house is going on the market and it couldn't be at a better time because our yard is blooming! 

as you can see.

fingers crossed we find the perfect new home soon!

hope you all have a Happy Monday!! 
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