guess who's coming today!?

don't mind our hair..it was like 1000 degrees that day!
yeah...you probably didn't guess this...
but it's my younger sister, Jenny!
 she's flying solo....all the way from California.! 
solo as in no kiddos!! whoot. 
a mother's dream!
she's a mother of two beautiful daughters.
 (her oldest pictured with her above and her youngest below.) 
she's coming to help celebrate my birthday (low priority)
and of course (top priority) to have one on one time with Oliver. 

the last time we saw (Aunt) Jenny was in July of last year while we were all home for the week. 
you may remember my posts from our trip home. 
and if you do remember those posts, 
you probably can't forget the gobs of pictures that i posted of all the grandkids together. 
it was awesome...and a little crazy...but still amazing to see them all together! 
there were 7 grandkids...most of them under the same roof that week. :)
oh and four of them were less then 2 years old!
crazy cakes!
so as you can imagine, 
spending time with the other kids besides your own was very limited. 

i really can't tell you how excited i am to have my sister visit.
she hasn't been to Georgia since March of 2009!
whenever Jen comes to visit us, we always have the best time together!
i remember one time when she was pregnant with Shiloh, her and i were playing around with my camera and i recorded her acting like she won an oscar. ha!
she was in jeans, a button down and a black cardigan. 
i acted like a fashion reporter and asked her about her outfit, makeup and hair. 
yeah..we "kinda" bored but when ever i need a laugh or my spirits lifted.
 i just watch that video..or many other silly videos from the past. :) 

usually by the time she leaves, our cheeks are so sore from laughing and our bellies are full from eating.

i know Oliver is going to love having his Aunt Jenny here. i can't wait to see how he is with her!

so if i don't post tomorrow or friday..you understand right? 

...i'm probably busy laughing or telling funny stories from the past or showing her around town. 

of course..it won't be the same without my older sister...put the three of us together and it's capital 
F.U.N times! 
(miss you Cara!)
showing our "guns" off.
l to r: me, jenny and cara

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