friday foto (s)

today was hair cut day. O's hair grows crazy fast.
 i am sure my kiddo is not unique in that department.
we get his haircut every month.
we look forward to hair cut day
 because the lady who cuts Oliver's hair, has been cutting it since he came home.
she is just the sweetest person, so easy to talk to it's like talking to a family member,
oh and she adores O.
what's not to love about her? 
after O's hair cut, i had him sit on the steps in the square so that i could take a picture.
i was surprised he actually went for this. he's the type of kid that doesn't like to sit still for a picture so i usually have to get them when he's not paying attention and hope i snapped a good one.
i've been pretty lucky in that department but some times..it's nice to just tell him "say cheese!"
and snap a sweet moment.
so he sat on the steps and before i could take a picture, he gave an exhausted sigh and
said, "i need water." so water was had.
then he looked at the camera and said "CHEEEEEESE!"
i love this picture.
you see how little my boy looks? he's not going to stay that little.
and this makes me so sad. just looking at this picture makes me realize how much of a big boy he's become.
and to make matters worse, this morning i was looking at pictures from last October
and my darn eyes welled up with tears.
it's so crazy how fast they change. 
okay..enough of the sappy talk..let's get back to the hair cut shall we?  
in the car, i gave him the beloved chocolate cake pop.
have i told you how much he LOVES chocolate??
it doesn't look like he's enjoying it here..but trust me..you'll see in the next couple pictures his love for chocolate shine through!
oh and yes, i keep bibs (and wipes!) handy for any occasion.
crazy momma alert.
there is that chocolate loving smile.
and say goodbye to the cake pop...
it was polished off with three big bites.
love my boy!
Happy Friday!!

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