weekend recap

me going for a solo shopping trip on Saturday.
 i love my little man but trips like these are what refuels this momma! 
so this weekend was pretty much about getting ready for O's party. 
his party is in two weekends so it's kind of like crunch mode around here. 

b has been working on a lot of outdoor (and some indoor) projects which i will share with you tomorrow. 
so proud of the work he's done!!

as for me, i have been working on party decor and the planning aspect of it.  

two weeks ago, we received some items i purchased from my favorite online party store, 

i ordered items from this store for O's 2nd birthday and was really happy with the quality and packaging of the merchandise. so when it came time to start planning O's 3rd birthday,  my first thought was to check out Lulu's shop. 

i was so excited to look but when i saw the new (adorable!) line :

i got giddy!

here is the picture i posted on instagram.

the colors and designs worked perfectly with my idea for O's party.
i ended up ordering a bunch of items and i seriously can not wait to use them!

**side note: after purchasing some Toot Sweet items, i have seen the line featured on 
quite a number of blogs..looks like i am not the only one who loves it! ;) **

i also made a bunch of paper banners for his party in different shapes. the party is going to be outside so i really want to make the backyard feel festive. 

i worked on a blackboard project this weekend that i hope 
will turn out so that i can put it on the food table.
we will see. 

b knew i was thinking about the food table so he set the actual table up on the deck to help me plan. 
it really helped because i was able to figure out which decorations were going to be needed on the table and what would be left for other locations. i also started to stage the food to help me figure out if we needed to buy any dishes or containers. i like to plan ahead. it's the little stuff that will creep up on you on the day of the party and make you stress. 
i don't want to stress that day. :)  

i really love planning his birthday parties. i think they let me be creative and since O isn't into themes yet..i kind of can do whatever i want. 
of course, i asked the birthday boy what he would like to have and his only suggestions were...





done and DONE. :)

oh and i also purchased these new striped covers for our exterior director's chairs. we have had the chairs for years and the covers are a boring beige that have seen better days. since they will be used for the party, i showed b these striped covers and he said get them! 
the colors aren't meant to coordinate with the party since they will be used for other functions 
but i love how they will add some whimsy to the decor. 

also..if you know me...then you know i go crazy for stripes! 
can't wait to get these!

hope your weekend was great!! 
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