tater tot thursday

Tater Tot Thursday
is dedicated to my little tt.
it's a nickname that my Aunt Susie gave Oliver. isn't it catchy?
i think it's adorable.
so each Thursday, i am going to share something that relates to my little tt...
and it might just relate to yours too!
a while back...like last year, my aunt "toosie" (Susie) gave O this sensory color sorting set as a gift.
i thought it was an awesome idea and loved that it was handmade. 
gotta love having teachers in the family!! ;)
not only does this set help your little one learn colors but also helps them to understand that colors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.
 so one day, i pulled the set out and we gave it a try.
O loved seeing all the colors and touching the different items (mainly the buttons and marbles)
but he just didn't get the concept of putting the specific colored item on the colored mat. 
so i tucked it away for awhile knowing that soon he would have
the attention span to actually use it correctly.
 fast forward to a couple weeks ago....
 we were playing in his room and i decided to pull the bag out of his play closet and give it a try again.
i laid the color mat on the floor and instantly there were giggles and  
 "yay colors!".
i told O it was our game of colors.
he liked that.
and just like i thought..he only needed some time to "grow".
he got the concept of matching all the colors quickly
and soon we were playing it again...and again...again!
he loves that it's "our" game. he's gotten so good at it that i've had to come up with different ways to match the colors which has been pretty fun.
after seeing O play with the set and getting so much out of it,
i checked out the site it came from.
it's called Mamma May I.
they have all sorts of learning toys to choose from.
the toys are in categories based on your child's age (love that!).
here are just a couple that i know O would like...
O can count to 10 with no problem.
he's so interested in numbers that we are currently learning to count to 20 which he's doing a great job at. he's actually started counting with his fingers which is pretty darn cute!
the one thing he's starting to learn is which number is which. he knows "3" and can easily point it out but if you ask him which number is 1 or 9...he starts to get flustered.
he's also gotten really good at counting things.
he likes to tell me how many chairs or leaves or blankets he has. 
he does get a little turned around after counting 5 items..once he hits that 5 item mark..
then he goes 2, 6...and i need to get him back on track. 
i think this number set would be great for O. teach him which number is which and how to count items past 5.
these matching games look like a lot of fun. O's at the age where he likes to tell me if he has things that are similar and gets very excited about it.
i think he would have a blast with either of these matching sets...
of course i love that the pieces are wooden and come in their own little sacks. easy to store and use!
a transportation set for my boy...what?
oh how O would love this.
he's all into his trains, trucks, ah-planes!
there are seriously a ton more i could show you that i know my son would love but i'll stop here so you can take a look yourself. 
 i really love how simple they are and that almost every item can be used for either boy or girl.
the fact that they are fun and educational has this momma wanting more! 
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