friday foto

on a whim..i decided it was time to potty train O.
 so yesterday, head cold (me) and all...we took a trip to the store to pick up a red (O picked the color.) potty chair and some fun undies. 
Oliver was very excited about the potty.
 the whole car ride home he asked if he was going to sit on the potty.
this made me excited so once we got home, i cleaned up the new potty and put it in the powder room. he stripped down to his bare nothings and sat down.
i really didn't know what to expect so i ran and got him some books.
this he liked. my little book worm!
he sat and sat and then all of the sudden he went pee pee!
i think we were both surprised at how fast he went pee in the potty.
he continued to do this all afternoon long.
i had to laugh because he would sit in the bathroom on the potty for a long time just "reading" his books. i would check on him to see if he was ok and he'd say "yah, i go pee pee on the potty." i told him he could get up and get his big boy undies on and he would say "nah, i pee pee on the potty."
that he did...8 xs!
this morning was a little different. Oliver woke up upset and wanted to be held. after some time i asked him if he wanted to sit on the potty and he said no! i then asked him if he wanted his big boy undies on and he started to cry. so we did a diaper change.
i thought our potty training had for sure come to a swift halt.
i held him while i made breakfast.
he was still upset.
he ended up eating two eggs, two pieces of toast and some apple sauce.
that's all he needed! my little guy was just hungry as a horse and needed to be fed!
after breakfast, we came upstairs to try the potty and sure enough...he went potty.
this time...#2!!!
i was so surprised!! he came running out of the bathroom (i was in the art room next to the bathroom.) and said very smoothly.."i go poopy?!"
so i thought for sure he had just gone pee or nothing at all. ha! nope. he went poopy!
then he said something that made me laugh so hard.
he said "it's BEEEEE-G!!"
since this morning, he's gone a couple more times on the potty and we've had two small accidents...
a lot less then i expected.
i am so very proud of my little guy! he surprised me by taking the potty bull by the horns! :)
he is very determined to go potty in that chair and it makes me smile
from ear to ear thinking about it.
we have one more day of potty training so we will see if this is going to stick or not.
i sure hope it does.
Happy Friday!!
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