tater tot thursday

Tater Tot Thursday 
is dedicated to my little tt. 
it's a nickname that my Aunt Susie gave Oliver. isn't it catchy?
i think it's adorable.
so each Thursday, i am going to share something that relates to my little tt...
and it might just relate to yours too! 

i love finding unique clothes for O.
i'm not one to buy my little guy those super hero shirts with the capes, you know the ones i am talking about? yeah..but these tees would be my alternative version for sure.
they are cute and colorful and look so soft. i know O would love one.
right now, he enjoys a kitchen towel around his shoulders. he calls it his "cape".
it's quite funny.
i also know he'd love this cement mixer tee...
and this fork lift bag.
i love when a brand develops clothes for boys that are creative and colorful.
that's just what le macchinine did! now if we could get some more on board! ;)
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