the office/guest room

the second bedroom upstairs is actually the largest bedroom in the house.
originally we were going to have this room be Oliver's bedroom but after thinking about all our furniture and needs, we decided this room would work better as my office and guest room combo.
as you can see, the room has some character with the slopped ceilings but other then that it was just so so.
the first thing i noticed was the weird light/fan set up.
who does that?
that was on the removal list during construction and of course the carpet too. 
the ceilings slope on both sides but the side walls are actually a great size.
i am able to put a desk on this wall and still have height for shelves.
as you can see, there is small door on this wall. it's a small attic that is the length of the room.
someday, it might be nice to drywall it and it be a real closet or knock this wall down and add dormers to lighten up the room.
for now, we ended up storing things in this small attic that we would need access to more often like my plum tree items, suitcases etc. 
the attic door is right "behind" the room's main door. so when the main door is open,
you really don't notice this small door. 
it's a blurry picture, forgive me, but you can see the hallway and if you read this post, you might recognize that the door in the hallway is now the laundry room.
the closet to this room is to the left of the entry.
this closet was a really nice size with storage on both sides of the closet entry.
 since we knew this would be the office and we have three attics, we didn't feel the need
to keep the closet so big. this actually helped us determine if we could really
 do the laundry closet or not.
 inside the closet is another attic. it's actually the largest of three attics.
i mentioned in an earlier post about this being such a huge attic but having the smallest door.
makes it a little hard to store large items in this attic.
so we ended up storing things we don't need on a regular basis like odd furniture
and holiday decorations.
once construction started, the carpet came out as well as the baseboards.
eventually the fan and light were removed and all the outlets and switches.
in this picture, you can see we removed the existing closet wall and pushed the laundry closet wall into this space. giving room for our washer and dryer.
the only thing that we did have to do for this closet was move the light switch. since it was on the right wall when you first walked in, we had the electrician move it to the outside of the door on the right side. i actually like it better that way. no dark closets. :)
the closet was finally closed off from the laundry room and a new switch was added.
hardwood was laid..
right before we moved in, the doors, walls and trim were all given a nice coat of paint
and of course the new hardwood floors were finished.
new outlets, switches and cover plates were added as well as a nice new light fixture.
goodbye ceiling fan and light weirdness!
 hello awesome new room!
since we've moved in, we have added some furniture, bought a daybed/sofa, rug and window treatments.
i have an idea on how i want this room to look as well as function but i am still pulling my ideas together. so hopefully by next week, i can share those ideas with you.
by the time it's all done, i hope to have a room that will function as an office, guest room and just be a fun room for my family to hang in. 
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