etsy finds..

i had taken a break from Etsy a while back. i think i kind of got burnt out and just needed to back off for a while. 
until we moved into the new house and i realized that i wanted to purge a lot of our old art and start fresh. that meant, i needed to find new unique pieces which Etsy typically offers.
so i started to look around a bit and was very happy to find a ton of items i would want for the new house, art included. 
 i of course found some things i personally wouldn't mind having and
thought i would share those finds.
what i like that Etsy didn't have before is you can now organize the items you like into folders. 
i created a new house folder and i have to say...it's pretty full. :)
top left:
there's also a folder for my boy.
and for one for myself.
p.s. my sister is coming today..but i will be back tomorrow with some house updates!
Happy Tuesday!
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