fenced in

so yesterday, this started to go up.
yup..that right there is the beginning of a fence.
one that will have a gate to close off our backyard from our front yard so that our little guy
and pup can run free...
until the run into the gate of course.
you might remember seeing this fence in previous pictures. the fence that was there before was original to the house and it had never been treated so it was in pretty bad condition. 
you see where the hanging basket is? that's where the old fence used to be.
b felt it would be better to start the fence a little further up the driveway (right before the chimney starts, you can see a new fence post already installed.) to give us a bigger back yard
and align with our neighbor's existing fence.
here is a picture looking towards the street. this is where the old fence once stood.
and here is the where the fence is now...
 as you can see...we gained a ton of yard. i know the garbage cans look horrible in this picture and we plan to do something better with those.
we also plan to add grass and landscaping..but for now we are so happy to have
our backyard closed off.
let me show you the details of the gate.
so the gate has two doors that open.
 they have these latches that anchor into the driveway and
when we want to keep them open...
there is a steel tube in the ground on each side of the driveway for the latches to anchor into. 
it keeps the doors from closing on their own. 
here is the front of the house with the gates closed. it's still in raw form
so we will need to stain it in a few months.
personally, i probably would not have picked this style of fence for our house but since the rest of the
neighborhood has it and our backyard has it, we kind of felt we needed to keep it.
i plan to add landscaping in front of the left side to take away from all that wood.
 and here you can see how it aligns with our neighbors house.
don't mind the weeds..one day we will have grass and new shrubs.
so far with having three little ones at the house
(my younger sister is visiting with her two daughters this week.),
it has proven to be a great investment! 
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