mid-week links

<< These diy clay ornaments are adorable and I really want to try making some...>>

<< I saw this dress in the store over the weekend and quickly made a b-line to it. I think it would be perfect for b's Christmas party next month. >>

<< My friend, Alyssa just started making jewelry this year. Each time she shares her new designs, I am just blown away by her creativity. love them all! >>

<< i am in love with this rug, this rug and this rug. they are all on my to buy list.>>

<< Obsessed with the Alto surface fixture (from Cedar and Moss) and seriously 
thinking I need three for my hallway. >>

<< just added this to my art folder on Etsy...would look awesome in my studio!>>

<< I found what I think is the sweetest baby clothes...ever. really...>>
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