a special day

April 2012
Even though it is Friday the 13th, today is a special and very happy day for our family. 

Today marks 20 months and 1 day of Oliver being home with us!!
So what does that mean for those who don't get it...it means that Oliver has been with us longer then he was in Korea. He came home at exactly 20 months old. 
I have actually been looking forward to this day for a very long time. 
I feel like we have completed the final task. 


These past 20 months have taught us so much about ourselves and about what a family means. 
We are so very blessed to have our beautiful, loving, smart and very silly boy! 
He is so much apart of me and b that we just shake our heads and smile up to the heavens. 
God created the most perfect child for me and b. 
He is our little sunshine! 

Happy 20 months and 1 day home!! 
Love you sweet boy!  
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