I'm sorry my posts have been so late this week...I have been busy working on some of my design projects (and domestic life). They are all screaming "need your attention like uh now!". 

Project Highland is all about tile and interior paint selections right now...here's a little sample.
master bathroom
Project Durand is all about cabinetry bids and elevations...no pictures to share of that...yet. 

This morning I dropped off my calender prints to be framed today! My friend and old co-worker, Travis works for a company called Kings Home Furnishings off of Huff here in Atlanta and he so sweetly offered to frame them for me!
 I can't wait to see them finished and hung. :)

Before heading back home, Oliver and I dropped by Stanton to see our friend and neighbor, Alyssa. 
This teal chair caught my eye and made me swoon. Oliver thought it was pretty cool too. 
FYI...Stanton will be having his yearly big blow out sale next month!! 

So there it is...my Thursday post. exciting huh? 

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