dress it up

So one of the projects that b and I have talked about doing this year is our closet. 
I am in some serious closet envy.  
I miss our old closets. 
You see, in our old master bedroom, b and I  installed the Ikea Pax wardrobes that we customized based on what we needed. If you haven't heard of the Pax systems, they are inexpensive, you can have fun customizing them and they hold up pretty nicely. 
Look at what Jenny from Little Green Notebook did with hers!  
I loved how my shoes were on roll out drawers, my jewelry, scarves, socks and undergarments were tucked in their own little compartment and all my bags were hung so I could easily grab the one I wanted. 
Sigh...everything had a spot.  
In my current closet condition, there's nothing but the bare bones. 
Our new closet is a walk-in so the Pax wardrobes don't quite fit as well as they did in our old room. 
We got a quote from a cabinet maker to build custom built-ins similar to what we had and after getting the bid back, we felt we could create a nice space without spending a ton of money. 
We did it before, we'll do it again.
So I have been sketching ideas and pinning examples to show b. 
Basically, I am thinking our set up on both sides of the closet would resemble this closet above. The only difference is the smaller cabinet pictured above would be shelves and a hanging rod that b will need to build.  
We won't need doors like we did in our old house since it's a walk-in closet which helps on cost. I do like the idea of keeping the open cabinets white like above but I want to do something with the wall that the laundry basket is currently sitting in front of. It is the wall that you see when you first walk into the space.

I am huge fan of wallpaper and would like to use it somewhere in our house. 
I am dying to use one in our powder room but I also think the wall that you first see in our closet 
would look amazing with a dark but whimsical pattern. 

I'm in love with a lot of Hygge & West wallpapers. 

This one called Daydream in the dark gray with green birds would look stunning 
against all the white cabinets. 
Or this one called Otomi that has been a favorite of mine for awhile would look great.
 Love that turquoise!

We hope to get to this project some time this year but I think there are a few other projects that I have yet to mention that we will end up starting before this one. 

Until then..I will just keep tweaking my ideas. 
Maybe dark cabinet instead? ;) 
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