*for baby*

{...we talked to our social worker, a week ago today, during our one year home study update and she told us that nothing has changed. we are still looking at an 18 month wait until referral. so that means december for us. even though it's still 5 months away...we feel it's good for us to every now and then get out and pick something up for little one. so we decided to go to this baby store that is very close to our house, it's called new baby products. i had heard about the store before but had never gone. they had a little of everything...but a lot that babiesrus doesn't carry. one of the items they carry had to come home with us...this diaper bag by skip hop. we originally had thought we'd like to get this one...but after seeing the one above...we felt it would better suit our needs...plus the storage was amazing! 
we also picked this up to go in the bag.}

   {while we were there, we took advantage of the opportunity to try out check out their stroller section. as you may remember from this post...i was pretty much sold on the phil & ted's stroller. i mean how could you not...there are so many features and options. well after seeing the stroller break..something that was very hard for both myself and b to work and then finding out how heavy the stroller was after it was folded. that pretty much ended the love for this stroller. we had to look at other options. it didn't take long though.
one of the sales associates showed us the city mini by baby jogger.}
{we were so impressed by her demonstrations. this stroller had a lot of the same features that we loved about phil & teds not to mention some of it's own....a ton of accessories...a super smooth break...and oh  my goodness...the folding of this stroller is way to stinking easy...check this out...}
{this pretty much sold us. we will be going back to get us a city mini when the time get's closer to needing one....and probably some extra accessories too. i have to say that i'm kind of glad the stroller shopping is out of the way...that and the car seat selection. those are some tough selections.}
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