*yum...ear candy*

{back in december, i created a large list of p.t.s goals for me to work on. i have to admit that i kicked butt in january and i am so happy to say that i did complete almost all of them. i still have a couple more things to cross off but i'm pretty proud of what i did accomplish. let's just say i have quite a number of items to show you this month that i'll be adding to the plum tree studio line. one of those items is the toy tote that i showcased last week. thank you all so much for the amazing feedback! i will be adding the toy tote to my shop tomorrow and will be slowly adding more fabric choices next week.}

{this week, i have yet another new item that i'm super excited to show you...my button earrings. the idea was to create an earring that not only was small enough for a little lobe but also age appropriate for little girls. the button earring allows me to do just this. i also get to use a ton of my beloved fabrics and offer a large variety for little girls to choose from.}

{a bonus that i was not expecting was...after creating about five different pairs of earrings, i put together this red and white striped pair. instantly i fell in love. i knew right then that i had created something not just for little girls...but also for "big" girls like myself. as you can see in the pictures, these earrings are not big, they are pretty tiny but they do give your ears a sweet pop of color. i will be adding a bunch of these to my shop next week, after i add the toy tote of course.} 
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