*finally...Oliver's room*

{Oliver's room...is finally...done! b and i have been preparing his room for over a year now and it's so good to say..it's ready. i want to forewarn you...i took a ton of photos...but please know i am no photographer so i apologize in advance! if you all are interested in sources...let me know and i would be happy to give them to you! enjoy...}

one of my favorite posters...i won it a long time ago...
an elephant coat hook made by my dad, Grandpa T and a skip hop lunch bag from Aunt Jenny and Aunt Cara.
in the corner is a vintage chair i bought awhile back but decided not to paint it. it's an old school chair.
hanging on O's closet is our diaper bag ready for the airport and next to the closet
is his empty toy chest...
we left it empty on purpose...extra storage space. ;) 
i had to show you his clothes...this is just a FEW...of Oliver's shirts oh and there is a peek at his special books.
here is Oliver's Easter basket and gifts...waiting for him to enjoy.
on his dresser is a giraffe coin bank we picked up a while back along with a vintage carousal ornament we found many years ago. on the wall is a world map i can't wait to show Oliver, a special tiger photograph by Sharon Montrose and a #3 we picked up at Anthropologie. by the way...the frames were left empty on purpose...i am waiting for our first family photo and a special photo from his foster family.
you might remember us trying to decide on which ceiling pendant to buy....
this is what we chose. i love it! it turned out to be the perfect pendant for his room.
here is Oliver's crib with a handmade bumper made by my friend Shana,
the rug is from dash &albert and the awesome truck is from my O's friend, Max.
inside his crib is the pillow i bought (again) a long time ago. i fell in love with it because it's the South Korean subway map. i bought the bear years ago in Nashville when i was Christmas shopping with my friend Julie. it made me cry because the bear's blanket says "together at last".  b and i have a love for the muppets...so we had to get Oliver a Kermit. we picked him up on our first trip to Disney World. the dog is a gift from O's great Aunt Susie (GAS) and the "Y" alphabet pillow was picked up at my last ICE show and it's for Oliver's Korean name..Yu-hyeon.
a very special blanket made by my talented friend, Julie and a view of my favorite piece of art...
here is a close up of a sweet little Korean stuffed bear wearing a hanbok.
 this was given to O by our sweet friend, Mary Lou who visited him last November.
O's reading corner.
the bird mobile that was a collaboration between O's Grandpa T (my dad), me and b. my dad cut all the pieces and then sent them to me. i painted them all and b did the final step, gluing them all together.
in Oliver's reading corner is a rocking chair that his Aunt Kristy had as a little girl and gave to O to enjoy. a comfy pillow handmade by my cousin Ally with a big "C" for our last name and a stuffed Pororo that our friends, Maggie and Frank purchased for us when they went last December to pick up their daughter. the little blanket over the rocker is something i bought last year from my friend Shanna.
a bucket full special stuffed items. let's see...the big lion in the back was given to me from b when we were in college, the white owl was a build a "bear" that b made with his parents last April when we found out about Oliver, the sock monkey was a gift we gave to our niece V one Christmas and she gave it to O to enjoy. the robot was bought last year, you can read about it here. we just picked up the alligator in the middle, the light colored bear is from my sweet friend Bridgette (it's the blanket version of the same bear I bought that's in his crib!) and the darker brown bear in the back is one of b's childhood stuffed animals called Boo. ;)
lots of special items...a book made by my amazing friends and family members (i promise to write about this!), a gold "O" block and a year of the tiger block, a yellow mustache painted by my talented friend Lindsay, the "Oliver" plaque is a Grace original. "You Are My Sunshine" print i picked up from Jessica Swift, my friend Kris just gave us this kil sook print (love it!) and i showed you this earlier...the framed bear charm.
the baskets hold O's toys, the shelves above are more toys and books to play with. the orange truck was made by my dad, O's Grandpa T. stuffed dear heads were a gift from my boss.
vintage airplane ornament and blocks b and i picked up ages ago.
and....a sweet little Korean board book picked up in Korea by our friends, Frank and Maggie.

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