Still trying to get used to writing 2014...are you?
Having some time away from the computer gave me time to reflect on this past year and think about the things I'd like to work on in this new year. 

I am really proud of  2013.
It was a great year for my family and I hope that this year will be another great one!

Like most people, I love to look back at the past year and reminisce about the events that took place. We had quite a few big moments in 2013,

--After 9 years, we sold our first home and said our goodbyes.-- 

--In April, we celebrated a year of being a family!--

-- In May, we bought our second home - a larger fixer upper. --

--In August, Oliver turned 3.--

--AND that same month he started preschool. :) --

-- At the end of October, b and I celebrated a big milestone, 20 years together! --

On a personal level, I feel proud of all my accomplishments I made as a designer last year. I stepped out of my comfort zone and took on my first solo design project, a kitchen remodel (which I still need to get photographed!). I also completed a year long project (right before Christmas), a three story new construction home. Again, another project I really need to get professionally photographed.

So as you can see, I've already started thinking about things that I should work on this year...ahem..like getting my projects professionally photographed!

Some other things I've been thinking about are:

- Getting my health in order - more on that later.

- Set up my studio so that I am more organized with client projects. 

-  Muster up the nerve to try a local yoga class by myself. 

- Pick a photographer and get professional family pictures.

- Create a project page on my blog.

- Get creative with dinners and try cooking more (I really have not been a fan of cooking.)

- Work on making our house feel less empty and more lived in. aka: Need art on the walls!

- Make the outside look a bit more presentable with some new landscaping.

I am sure there will be more things that I will add to my "list" but as of right now, this is a good start.

I actually have started one of the items on this list, I'll share it with you soon. 
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